The ministry hosted and funded a three day conference for believers and leaders in the city of Nakuru, three hour’s drive from the nation’s capital city, Nairobi. The theme was ‘IT IS TIME!’ and was held at K. A. G. Church, Kariba Road, near Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. The conference was excellently and professionally coordinated by Pastor Tom Ogutu and organized in collaboration with NAKURU PASTORS FOUNDATION (NPF).

NPF is an association formed in 1996 that has grown to four hundred ministers from one hundred and fifty churches and denominations who have been meeting every Tuesday for the past sixteen years to pray for revival in the region of Nakuru and the nation of Kenya. In attendance were more than three hundred believers, leaders, ministers and pastors. Also in attendance were bishops and regional leaders of denominations who oversee churches in neighboring cities, counties and surrounding nations in eastern Africa. The first day of the conference started with a prophetic word declared over the city of Nakuru and the nation of Kenya. The Lord by His Spirit declared that Kenya is His favored child that He has blessed with natural and spiritual resources and has given her children a heart that tremble before Him and a reasonable level of honesty. But His favored child has played the ‘harlot’ and joined people who hate Him. The Lord was calling His favored child to return to Him and He will have mercy and graft them back again to Himself. Bishop Thomas Ogola, the general overseer of Fresh Anointing Ministries, Kisumu who hosted the May 2015 meetings of the ministry led a team of fourteen people and journeyed five hours to come to this conference in Nakuru from Kisumu area. This delegation included ten of the fifty-seven widows who were empowered during the May 2015 program and they participated in two days of the Nakuru conference. The ministry (Today Evangelical Ministries) encouraged this delegation from Kisumu, Kenya by assisting them with their transportation costs and providing some additional support to the widows. The participants responded with humility and repentance to the message of the Lord and received the teachings, rebuke and corrections gladly. Many pastors and bishops testified at the conference that they had been taught wrong and could see from the scriptures being taught that they had indeed strayed from the truth of the word of God. They pledged at the end of the conference to go back to their congregations and make the necessary corrections. We were later informed by the Chairman of NPF, Rev. John Omolu that some of the pastors had gone to their congregations (after the conference) to apologize for misleading them. Space would not permit us to share various testimonies of changes that occurred in the lives of the leaders who attended the conference as they ministered what they had received to their church members. We give all the glory and praise to the Lord who alone deserves it.