The Two Keys to the Kingdom of God

This book is an end-time teaching based on personal encounter, experience, and revelations of the mysteries of the character of God as embodied in the indispensable two keys to the kingdom of God – LOVE and Obedience. Without perfect love and implicit obedience to God, it is impossible to enter His divine rest. The book is therefore a passionate raw truth and an urgent plea for self examination and evaluation of our relationship with the Lord, with a view to forsaking and shunning the prevailing trend of manipulation, deceit, lies and feel-good doctrine, and returning to the love of the truth of the gospel of Christ.

Book Details:

Are You And God in True Agreement?

Spiritual advisor elucidates on true meaning of being born again of God

Spring, TX – Dr. Emeka Ozurumba calls for fellow Christians to an urgent spiritual cleansing with the release of his book, The Two Keys To The Kingdom Of God, published through Xlibris. While many Christians believe they are ready to enter God’s kingdom, Dr. Ozurumba presents a convincing body of facts that disturbingly says otherwise.

Today, millions of Christians profess and believe to be born of God, but very few truly understand what this actually means. As such, they believe they are ready to meet the Lord, but this is a mistaken assumption. However, Dr. Ozurumba believes that idols dwell in many Christians’ hearts, together with false imaginations, manipulative strongholds, and lies that now permeate and strangle the body of Christ. Perceiving this urgent situation, Dr. Ozurumba appeals to Christians to inspect their spiritual foundation, if they have truly been in agreement with God and His teachings.

Dr. Ozurumba’s book endeavors to stir up the children of God to properly take stock of their present standing and relationship with God. He emphasizes that unless Christians build their lives on God, the Rock, they build in vain. As well, the book discusses the four spiritual foundations of spiritual cleansing, and more importantly, details the “two keys” that will give Christians “access” to God’s kingdom.

It is Dr. Ozurumba’s belief that he has been inspired to commit to writing the teachings and mysteries revealed to him at a fitting time.

“It is my sincere prayer that God will use this book to remove the scales off the eyes of his elect, with the sole purpose of getting them to return to the love of the truth…,” Dr. Ozurumba expresses.

About the Author

Dr. Emeka Onyegecha Ozurumba is an ordained Minister and Reverend of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who prior to his unique encounter with the Lord was a successful lawyer with years of flourishing practice in Houston, Texas. He is reputed as the first Nigerian attorney at law in the State of Texas.

The founding president of the Nigerian Foundation, he actively devoted many years of service to many community and business organizations, one of which was the Texans Soccer Club, a national premier youth soccer program where he doubled as a board member and coach of some of the most successful teams in the United States.

Dr. Ozurumba was born in Akpuru-Nnorie, Ngor Okpala Local Govt. Area of Imo State, Nigeria, from where he relocated to USA to attend the University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree. Later he obtained the Doctor of Jurisprudence from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas.

Since encountering the Lord he has devoted exclusive time to the service of the Lord, teaching in all churches and denominations what the Lord has instructed and revealed to him: the uncompromised truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while stirring up fellow Christians to examine if they are truly in agreement with God and ready for the coming of the Lord, and to shun feel good doctrine of man. He is the founder of Today Evangelical Ministries with headquarters at Adonai Plaza, 9207 Country Creek Dr. Ste. 106, Houston, Texas 77036.

Dr. Ozurumba can be reached at the address above, and by telephone or email at: 713-484-5600 or

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The pages of the book on this website page are photographs of the original book and cannot be translated.

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