2016 India Trip
The team from Today Evangelical Ministries just came back from a successful missions trip to Full Gospel Church – Shalom Cathedral (the base of a network of churches in South India) located in the city of Thiruvallur, near Chennai India. It was quite an impactful and life-changing mission trip to the exclusive glory of God. The trip was undertaken from January 9 to January 20, 2016 and involved Pastors, Leaders and Believers conferences, Sunday (and other) Services during the Annual (2016) Towdha – Thanksgiving Festival in that part of India.

The host pastor, Apostle Appolosse Thankachan believed and stated that the messages they heard were like letters from the Almighty God giving them a warning and a last chance for total change. He also believed that the door of the gospel was fast closing in India and was grateful that God gave this chance for a total change in their lives and ministry focus. As a result he has instructed the church’s pastoral and technical team to edit the messages and air them on the two television stations (one Christian and one Secular) that the church currency subscribes to. They also have requested for more video messages from Today Evangelical Ministries to air on these television stations which reach millions of people in that part of South India. Again, we are humbled by God, and give all glory to Him for all He alone is doing in the nations of the world.

Mission Trips 1

2015 Maryland Trip
A three day teaching Conference at Christ Forever Church in Bladensburg, Maryland.

Mission Trips 2

2015 Nigerian Trip
Missions trip to three cities in two states in Nigeria – A three day teaching crusade in Afikpo (Ebonyi State) and Pastors, Ministers and Leaders conferences in Afikpo (Ebonyi State); Mbutu in Mbaise and Owerri (Imo State). For the Afikpo pastors and leaders Conference, fourteen pastors from Enugu were sponsored and lodged in a hotel by the ministry to attend the two day conference held at the Assemblies of God Church, Amachara, Afikpo in Ebonyi State. These pastors were each giving a copy of the book – “Two keys to the Kingdom of God’.

The themes for the above ministrations were as follows –
Mbutu, Mbaise (Imo State) – Dr. Emeka taught one session of ministration at the National Teaching Convention of Christ Saints Bible Church. The General Superintendent, Rev. Chris Iwuanyanwu received ten copies each of the books – “Two keys to the Kingdom of God’ and ‘Sanctity of Marriage’.

During this mission’s trip to Nigeria, we were privileged to sponsor the ministry’s second Widows Empowerment Program in Afikpo for ten widows. Also the team visited and encouraged the principal, staff and students of Reach Continental School, Afikpo on behalf of the founder and our ministry member, Sister Becky Okoche.

2015 Nakuru Kenya
The ministry hosted and funded a three day conference for believers and leaders in the city of Nakuru, three hour’s drive from the nation’s capital city, Nairobi. The theme was ‘IT IS TIME!’ and was held at K. A. G. Church, Kariba Road, near Afraha Stadium in Nakuru. The conference was excellently and professionally coordinated by Pastor Tom Ogutu and organized in collaboration with NAKURU PASTORS FOUNDATION (NPF). NPF is an association formed in 1996 that has grown to four hundred ministers from one hundred and fifty churches and denominations who have been meeting every Tuesday for the past sixteen years to pray for revival in the region of Nakuru and the nation of Kenya.

In attendance were more than three hundred believers, leaders, ministers and pastors. Also in attendance were bishops and regional leaders of denominations who oversee churches in neighboring cities, counties and surrounding nations in eastern Africa. The first day of the conference started with a prophetic word declared over the city of Nakuru and the nation of Kenya. The Lord by His Spirit declared that Kenya is His favored child that He has blessed with natural and spiritual resources and has given her children a heart that tremble before Him and a reasonable level of honesty. But His favored child has played the ‘harlot’ and joined people who hate Him. The Lord was calling His favored child to return to Him and He will have mercy and graft them back again to Himself.

Bishop Thomas Ogola, the general overseer of Fresh Anointing Ministries, Kisumu who hosted the May 2015 meetings of the ministry led a team of fourteen people and journeyed five hours to come to this conference in Nakuru from Kisumu area. This delegation included ten of the fifty-seven widows who were empowered during the May 2015 program and they participated in two days of the Nakuru conference. The ministry (Today Evangelical Ministries) encouraged this delegation from Kisumu, Kenya by assisting them with their transportation costs and providing some additional support to the widows.

The participants responded with humility and repentance to the message of the Lord and received the teachings, rebuke and corrections gladly. Many pastors and bishops testified at the conference that they had been taught wrong and could see from the scriptures being taught that they had indeed strayed from the truth of the word of God. They pledged at the end of the conference to go back to their congregations and make the necessary corrections. We were later informed by the Chairman of NPF, Rev. John Omolu that some of the pastors had gone to their congregations (after the conference) to apologize for misleading them. Space would not permit us to share various testimonies of changes that occurred in the lives of the leaders who attended the conference as they ministered what they had received to their church members. We give all the glory and praise to the Lord who alone deserves it.

Mission Trips 3

The ministry was invited to serve lunch (provided by the school) to about three hundred students of Neema Academy a school for the less-privileged located in the slum area of Nakuru. The founder and Principal of the school, Mrs. Pascaline Mutiso explained that the school was a vision she received to provide excellent education to children in the neighborhood, most of whom had parents addicted to alcohol and were absent from the homes. The school also fed these children in school and most of them relied heavily on these school food for their nutritional needs. The ministry visited the school and was treated to excellent presentations from children of various ages ranging from kindergarten to grade levels. Today Evangelical Ministries team served lunch to all the students and the provided the children with snacks to go with their meals. The ministry later delivered bags of rice and beans to the school to assist in feeding the children. The founder testified, in tears, that these provisions will feed the children for two weeks.

On Saturday, October 10, 2015 the team also ministered to widows and orphans at Bethel International Ministries (BIM) in Nakuru where 20 widows were encouraged and supported with financial gifts and about forty orphans were also ministered to and encouraged with snacks. BIM was founded by a Kenyan who currently resides in Houston Texas and is a member of our ministry, Minister Miriam Macharia. On the same day, the team ministered at a women’s conference were Dr Emeka Ozurumba and the three ladies in the team namely, Sisters Anthonia Uduma, Olo Abubakar and Joan Nwuli ministered and encouraged the women.

Nakuru Kenya Missions trip was rounded up with a Sunday Service on October 11, 2015 at God of All Grace Church, Tengwa, Nakuru. Dr. Emeka ministered on ‘A DAY OF AWAKENING TO SELF EXAMINATION’. The senior pastor of the church, Bishop George Mwene had attended the conference and had in his congregation a member who had a revelation of the ministration and visit of Dr. Emeka Ozurumba, even before the bishop was aware of the conference. The Bishop received from the ministry eleven copies each of the books – “Two keys to the Kingdom of God’ and ‘Sanctity of Marriage’.

2015 Umuahia Nigeria Trip

The August 2015 Nigerian mission’s trip was concluded successfully – all glory and praise to our God. It was a three day packed conference for the Umuahia (Jerusalem) District of the Assemblies of God Church in Nigeria. This District Pastors and Leadership Conference had the theme as ‘Awakening unto the Season of Transformation’. The ministry had eight members led by the President of the ministry and Speaker for the conference, Dr. Emeka Ozurumba coming from the United States to Nigeria for a two day conference. The team was joined by a ministry team member in Port Harcourt Nigeria and six pastors, ministry leaders and a professional media resource person from the fellowship headquarters in Ngor Okpalla, Owerri, Imo State and Lagos in Nigeria. The Today Evangelical Ministries team of fifteen people thus became our largest representation at any international missions’ conference so far.

Mission Trips

Dr. Emeka on the very first day of the conference delivered a message to the leadership of the Assemblies of God Church in Nigeria urging them to return to the LORD, settle every issue among the leadership as the LORD has said he is able to graft them back again into His plan and original purpose for His church in the nation. He will return to the Assemblies of God Church, if they will return to Him – and He will have mercy. He then ministered on DISCERNING THE SEASON AND TIME BY MAKING THE BEST OF THE TIME WE ARE IN. There were two sessions on Friday August 7 and Saturday August 8 with a fully well attended church service on Sunday August 9 to conclude the conference.

The messages and teachings were very well received and all participants received copies of the four tracts that were brought for the conference namely – Four Characteristics of One Born of God, No Generational Curse, Spiritual Forgiveness and Avenge Not – Love for Others.

2015 Kisumu Kenyan Trip

The conference theme for Today Evangelical Ministries mission trip to Kisumu Kenya was “Imperativeness of Total Transformation to His Holy Image (Following God Wholly)”. The Lord successfully completed the Pastors and Leaders Total Transformation Conference held from Wednesday, May 20 to Friday, May 22nd 2015 and hosted at Holo Community Bible Church near Kisumu Kenya. The team of nine people from the United States led by Dr. Emeka Ozurumba, left Houston via United Airlines on Saturday May 16 2015 arriving Nairobi on May 17 and proceeding to Kisumu via Kenya Airways on May 18 2015. The tenth member of the team, who lives in Nigeria, flew in from Lagos Nigeria a day before we arrived Nairobi.

We had at least two hundred people including church leaders, pastors, and two bishops in attendance for the three days of teaching on Total Transformation. There were powerful testimonies shared from the conference of last year including the miracle of a lady who received an English Bible in 2015 from the ministry, when we ran out of the local language Bible (Luo Bible). This lady testified that God, by His Spirit, enabled her to read and understand the Bible in English language (she normally does not read or understand English language). Another pastor testified that he has read the book – The Two keys to the Kingdom of God – twelve times since last year’s conference and was able to forgive someone who had confessed to killing his child.

At this year’s conference the team distributed two hundred bibles in Luo Language and two tracts to every participant. In addition, all the pastors present were given money to assist with their transport and every participant was fed and accommodated for the three days. Forty five copies each of the two books (The two keys to the Kingdom of God and The Sanctity of Marriage) were also distributed.

The widows’ empowerment program was also done on Saturday, May 23 2015 at Ombo Village, Paw Akuche, Kisumu Kenya. A total of forty seven widows were empowered with so many sharing their testimonies from last year’s empowerment that enabled them to pay school fees and feed their families. One of the highlights of the empowerment program day celebration was the testimony of the youngest brother of our host bishop, Bishop Thomas Ogola. The young man, Anderson, was the victim of the recent Al Shabbaab terrorist attack in Garissa University in Kenya. He was shot seven times (including two shots through his chest and one bullet that went through his jaw and mouth slicing his tongue). He was unattended to for five hours and never bled to death and he said he never experienced any pain though he was conscious throughout the ordeal. He not only survived, but was discharged in time to give his testimony at this mission trip’s widows’ empowerment event of Saturday May 23 2015. Dr. Emeka prayed for him and God used him to also encourage and financially support the young university student.

The testimonies are so many and the word of God was delivered with clarity and ease of understanding in relation to the basic tenets of transformation and the foundation of eternal life. The host bishop was blessed with a motor cycle to enable him evangelize and oversee the churches and widows in the environment where they are – with its difficult and challenging terrain. He has since written the ministry to acknowledge and testify of God’s goodness. This mission trip was indeed one of the most impacting trips we have undertaken to date and to God alone belong all the praise, honor and glory now and forever more.

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