“Today Evangelical Ministries”, began with the encounter Dr. Emeka O. Ozurumba had with The Lord years ago, in which The Lord confined him to his home and environs for a period of three years and taught and revealed to him the mysteries of the Kingdom of God as embodied in the inseparable “Two Keys” to The Kingdom of God – Love and Obedience. It is these raw and uncompromising truths that are expounded by the work of this ministry.

OUR CALL AND VISION is to reach all members of the body of Christ with an urgent appeal to redeem the time while there is time, by returning to the undiluted, uncompromised, wholesome teaching and doctrine of Christ. There is an urgent need for the body of Christ to live the truth and embrace once and for all God’s true characteristics of righteousness and holiness, without which no one shall enter His divine rest; for two certainly cannot walk, fellowship, or live together except they are agreed. For no matter how clever and knowledgeable we profess to be, the essence of time is in God’s exclusive hand and with Him there is no variation, or shadow of turning, or partiality whatsoever. He is God; and He changes not for anyone, people, or nation. 

OUR MISSION as Today Evangelical Ministries is to the body of Christ, to prepare God’s children for the coming of the Lord, stir them up to examine themselves, to determine if their lives are truly in agreement with the undiluted Word of God and whether they are truly born of God and ready TODAY to meet the Lord.
It is a call to return to the love of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; an urgent call to live the Word and teach others likewise, while shunning the prevailing manipulative, deceptive, lying, prosperity, covetous and “feel good” doctrine of man.
Our mission therefore is strict adherence to the undiluted, wholesome teaching, doctrine and mission of Christ.

To the only eternal God, be all glory now and forever. Amen.